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Now that you know…

September 6, 2013



As I write this, there have been more than 120 “likes” on a Facebook post from earlier this week, where I announced the imminence of our long-awaited offspring. Of course “awaited” is a funny way to put it. There has been waiting, sure, but there’s also been a lot of finagling and frustration, breath-holding, finger-crossing, […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Yellowstone National Park (Geysers, & Bison, & Sulfur! Oh my!)

September 4, 2013



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Tuesday Limerick: The secret’s out!

September 3, 2013



If you see us, you might be mistaken’d, so we’re reviving Monday’s Limerick segment. That’s no belly of beer - second trimester’s here. That’s right, the doc’s finally pregnant!

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On not jinxing it

June 20, 2013



M and I both enjoy dressing to a theme. I guess that’s why, the first time we went to the clinic for insemination, we chose t-shirts which spoke to the situation at hand. The one M wore that time said “Put your money where your heart is.” Seemed like the right sentiment to take to […]

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Monday limerick: Mommy training

June 10, 2013



I don’t mean to be extra braggy But there’s news we can share about Maggie: We’re delighted to learn that her poo is now firm. (As opposed to all drippy and saggy.) You hear, when you’re trying to conceive, that “raising” a dog is very similar to raising a child. I’ve always found that sort […]

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